Try Our Printed Glass Splashbacks Service In Leeds

Glass bath and shower panels have been around for a while. They are easy to keep clean as they have fewer joins than the equivalent area covered in traditional tiling.

Now the fashion has spread to the kitchen, with glass splashbacks becoming all the rage in kitchens around the country.

Digitally Printed Splashbacks is proud to be part of that trend. We specialise in providing glass splashbacks in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Our gallery shows how some of our previous customers have chosen to personalise their kitchens, with plain and printed glass splashbacks of various colours and designs.

We have a range of shades and sizes available, with all our colours conforming to the RAL and Pantone colour palettes to allow for easy coordination.

Standard sized splashbacks start at 600mm long x 750mm high and go all the way out to 1100mm long. We also have a custom option, for those buyers whose kitchens are not a standard size.

A new kitchen glass splashback in your home or business in Leeds could transform the space. You can choose to personalise it with an image of your choice, or simply choose a plain colour and have under-cabinet lighting installed to bring out the depth of tone.

The range of colours stretches all the way from neutral, pale shades of white, cream and beige up to grey and black. In the middle are eye searing neons, deepest imperial purple, greens and blues straight out of nature and even three mirrored shades - silver, grey and bronze.

The addition of a printed glass splashback to your kitchen in Leeds allows for personalisation of the highest order.

A photograph of an item or place which means something to you; an abstract swirl in your favourite colour or for a business, your logo or a representation of your specialist area. For those restaurants and cafes which have a preparation or serving area on view to the public, a striking image along the back wall will draw your customers’ eyes and reinforce your key message.

The kitchen, so the saying has it, is the heart of the home. There is no reason these days why you can’t decorate it just as much as you do the other rooms of your house.

Food preparation takes time, and in some homes, it’s a chance for the family to be together after the day’s work or school, all helping to prepare the evening meal. Whether you call that ‘dinner’, ‘supper’ or ‘tea’, it’s better to do it in a room you enjoy being in. With our digitally printed splashbacks, this is easy.