Try Our Printed Glass Splashbacks Service In liverpool

Glass splashbacks are a new and modern change from tiles. They are smooth, easy to clean and available in a range of traditional or vibrant colours to complement your kitchen.

Here at Digitally Printed Splashbacks, we are looking to bring some bling to kitchen glass splashbacks in Liverpool.

You could opt for a plain splashback in a neutral shade, or you could choose a splashback with a digitally printed image. Almost any image can be used, either your own or from a commercial site.

The splashbacks are available in several standard sizes, or they can be customised to fit your room. The colours are coordinated with RAL and Pantone colour palettes, so if you have painted walls you can coordinate or complement your splashback colour of choice.

For those people who would prefer to stay neutral, we have plain black, grey, mocha and white glass splashbacks available in a standard 600 x 750mm size. This is just big enough to cover the immediate area behind the average cooker.

However, our wider range has a selection of 5 different widths, and these can be in any colour and digitally printed with the image of your choice. You can even choose a variety of colours to pick up any accent in your kitchen.

Let’s face it, kitchens can be drab at times. White or wooden cabinets, black worktops, grey or beige tiling and floors.

If you have stainless steel or chrome fittings it can all look a bit clinical. That’s fine if it’s the look you want (and if you remember the 70s kitchens with orange cabinet doors, you may well want something a bit less bright).

But if you have a wish to personalise your kitchen, maybe to tone in with a new set of pans or kitchen utensils, then we can help. There is a growing interest in multicoloured cabinet doors, where most doors are one colour with the odd random one in a different shade.

You might want to pick this shade up in your printed glass splashback to add to the accent.

Our colour selector lets you see how your chosen colour would look against a typical black oven, pale worktop and cabinets, and our gallery gives you an idea of how previous customers have personalised their kitchens with a printed glass splashback.

Maps, musical notes, abstract swirls, skylines and images from the natural world have all been transformed into features of various kitchens.

Or you could choose a plain colour and fit suitable under cabinet lighting to bring out the depth of the shade.

 Whatever you choose, we’ll guarantee that kitchen glass splashbacks in Liverpool have never looked so good.